Oh hey there,

For those that followed my old blog welcome back!

For those who are new, nice to meet you (insert inappropriate winky emoji here)

So I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes wondering why I would delete my old blog just to make a new one…


I wrote my last entry for that blog about 7 months ago and I swear, I’m like, a totally different person now.

No, but seriously, my old blog was to share my experiences with mental health and let people who were going through the same thing know they are not alone. I shared some very personal things on there (which I do not regret because I know for a fact that it helped people) but I needed to think about me and how those posts would affect potential jobs and relationships. This new, fresh one is all about how to handle crap days, funny stories and just other random shit posts.

And if I’m being completely honest, I missed writing so even if this is just complete and utter rubbish at least it is making me happy.

So anyways I just wanted to write a small note to say welcome and I look forward to sharing my exciting (lame?) adventures with you

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